This page contains some example patterns created as part of the project. We encourage everybody to try them out and give us feedback.

SEMINARS - A Pedagogical Pattern Language about teaching seminars effectively
by Astrid Fricke and Markus Voelter
This pattern language is intended for those instructors in the industry or academia, who are not studied educators. We wrote it especially for those, who feel that something is going wrong with their seminars - perhaps they are even frustrated and do not know what to change or what the reasons could be. This pattern language gives some hints for improving the situation, i.e. how you can run better seminars.
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Learning to Teach and Learning to Learn - Running a Course
by Jutta Eckstein
The intended audience of this paper is educators who care not only about what they are teaching but also about how they are mediating the topics. This paper addresses the learning on the students' side as well as the teaching on the educator's side.
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Fourteen pedagogical patterns
by Joseph Bergin
The [..] fourteen patterns form the beginning approaches to a pattern language for Computer Science course development. They might have application to other fields as well. The patterns are not all at the same level of scale. Some speak to the overall course organization and some to very low level things. The general flow is from large structure (semester courses) to small scale (daily activities). A long term goal is to develop them into a proper language. This will require supplementing them with others as well.