OT 2001
by Jutta and Markus
We have a workshop at OT 2001 (Oxford, UK) called Growing a Pattern Language. Its content is defined as follows:

Pattern Languages have proved to be a very effective means to represent complex information. In contrast to pattern collections, a pattern language links and relates the contained patterns to each other. Usually, this is done informally by statements like "Pattern A is a specialization of Pattern B". However, if you try to dynamically build, or grow, pattern languages, and if you try to make them accessible and editable by a distributed group of people, such informal relationships are not enough. In addition, if you want to make the language available online, there must be a way how to navigate the language. This workshop explores concepts to represent, store, edit, and browse a pattern language in a way that makes the above uses possible. The workshop focuses on the following aspects:

If you would like to join: Welcome!!!

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